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You have three options:



1) You submit hyperlinks to your demotracks via eMail (use our response-form for that). Please ensure that those are direct-links. We won't register anywhere just to listen to your music.


2) If you don't have any webspace, contact us and we will offer you a possibility for submitting your music.


3) You may send a CDR to the following address:


Stadtgruen Netlabel

René Finken

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 12
41812 Erkelenz, Germany



Please verify that we really present your style of music. Our two main domains are Techno (Detroit, Minimal, Techhouse etc.) and Ambient (Ambient as such, Clicks+Cuts etc.), not New Age, Rock or Hiphop!


Take some time to prepare your application, the first impression always counts. If you just send your tracks and do not write anything about you and your music, you will receive an appropriate answer.