Frank Biedermann


stadt017 | stadtgruen042

date: 20/02/2008

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8 tracks / 62:41 min / 114.09 MB


1. Ant Attacks
06:36 min (12.01 MB)
2. Warrior Wasp
08:53 min (16.03 MB)
3. Rumble The Bumblebee
06:44 min (12.03 MB)
4. Beetle Battle
08:02 min (14.07 MB)
5. Ant Attacks (Rob Keens Remix)
07:10 min (13.01 MB)
6. Warrior Wasp (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
08:26 min (15.04 MB)
7. Rumble The Bumblebee (Martin Donath Remix)
08:16 min (15.03 MB)
8. Beetle Battle (Patrick Diessner Remix)
08:34 min (15.07 MB)
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Insects Taking Over


It is likely to assume that we are the predominant species on this planet, because we have managed to acquire diverse proficiencies, knowledge and technology. Common sense says that we control the world, and we take response for our ecosystem, which seems to be true in many ways. We take resources from nature to build and enhance our culture, which we are obliged to do with care - yet we should not think that we can control all of the world. In fact, we are not even close.


Even in the most remote places there are insects to be found when the first pioneers arrive, and they stay when the pioneers go, withstanding extreme climatic conditions. Insects outnumber humans and all other mammals on this planet by far. Speaking in numbers, it is their world, not ours. It already was when they outlived the dinosaurs. And it will remain when we go.