Garten EP



gruen024 | stadtgruen040

date: 12/12/2007

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6 tracks / 36:21 min / 50.00 MB


1. Sprenkler (Gartenblick 1)
04:02 min (05.06 MB)
2. Rheinwellen
07:41 min (10.06 MB)
3. Away For A While
07:04 min (09.07 MB)
4. Summer Shock
06:10 min (08.05 MB)
5. Blue Room (Part 1)
04:06 min (05.06 MB)
6. Blue Room (Part 2)
07:18 min (10.00 MB)
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Modern Nature


Welcome to world's first Electronic Garden fair, exploring the daytime miracles of cultivated spaces in bleeps and bytes.


It will be shown that warmth and harmony can now be achieved with today's digital methods. Technology, in our understanding, must not intend to replace nor diminish nature—it gives us opportunity to put it into an aesthetically pleasing shape, and to intently work on a balanced environment. These thoughts are the basis for the acoustic exhibition, whose goal is to redifine classic ideas by reconstructing natural coherences in electronic sound design.


The Electronic Garden is decidedly modern, but it is not a novelty of modernism. You will not hear the latest synthesizer news, but you will hear new possibilities of creating laid-back, positive electronic music.