Dubsuite Rearranged



stadt016 | stadtgruen039

date: 03/10/2007

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12 tracks / 76:35 min / 105.01 MB


1. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Miguel Tutera Remix)
07:02 min (09.07 MB)
2. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (sm.art Remix)
05:57 min (08.02 MB)
3. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Toby Dreher Remix)
05:12 min (07.01 MB)
4. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Miguel Tutera Ambient Mix)
04:04 min (05.06 MB)
5. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Alessandro Crimi Remix)
07:13 min (09.09 MB)
6. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Klasdot Edit)
05:59 min (08.02 MB)
7. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Marko Fuerstenberg Remix)
07:09 min (09.08 MB)
8. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Der Monzur Aspekt)
09:16 min (12.07 MB)
9. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Karri O. Remix)
08:01 min (11.00 MB)
10. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Lomov Ihminen Remix)
05:06 min (07.00 MB)
11. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Kraftfuttermischwerk AE Mix)
06:00 min (08.02 MB)
12. Dubsuite - Eigenleben (Marginalshow Udokan Fear Mix)
05:36 min (07.07 MB)
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Application and Evolvement


When Martin Müller and Holger Flinsch in 2006 decided to put their sounds and ideas together, their vision quickly developed into a complex suite of different motifs and tempers - all connected, all contributing to the striking organic eigenleben of the composition.


The concept of evolving derivation is now furthered in this compilation. Eleven artists — including some acquaintances of Stadtgruen — took on samples of the original track, altering and shifting them around to create completely new impressions out of the same material. A newly arranged Dubsuite.





The great thing about netlabels is that they make fascinating releases possible, which otherwhise would never see the light of day. Take „Dubsuite Rearranged“ on Stadtgruen. Could you imagine this collection of twelve fresh acts, including some experienced producers, being pressed to CD anytime soon? Right. Any yet, it is a wonderfully atmospheric, highly entertaining, brilliantly crafted, astutely creative, astoundingly coherent, dramaturgically diversified and intelligently insightful sampler, which not only proves the worth of the remixers' blueprint (Dubsuit's deep dub track „Eigenleben“), but also its inspirational strengths. Almost all of the participants have well understood that a project like this one lives off a combination of respect and playfulness. Subsequently, the original remains recognisable in most of these reworkings, but it is wilfully turned around, twisted and taken to sympathetic extremes. sm.art pulls the main motive into smooth and soft pads, Toby Dreher tears it apart in the chamber of echo, while the nine-minute „Der Monzur Aspekt“ first circles like a fun fair rundabout, then lifts off into a higher state of mind in a confounding cloud of whispers. Marko Fürstenberg (minimal and moody) and Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (sweet and soulful) are also part of this netlabel tour de force package, which should not be missed.


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