stadt015 | stadtgruen036

date: 27/05/2007

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8 tracks / 57:09 min / 78.06 MB


1. Martin Donath - Foresight
07:29 min (10.03 MB)
2. Monzur - Lunchbox
06:52 min (09.04 MB)
3. Sunner Soul - Lama Loo
07:51 min (10.08 MB)
4. Karri O. - F2F
06:13 min (08.06 MB)
5. Georg Neufeld - Lakeside People (feat. Astral T.)
08:35 min (11.08 MB)
6. Two_Em - Garbage Collector
06:47 min (09.03 MB)
7. Holz - Bett
06:56 min (09.05 MB)
8. Rich vom Dorf - On A Hike
06:26 min (08.09 MB)
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The Wonders of Spring


From the beginnings of human tradition, there has been a belief in spiritual beings, interacting with our world in shape of fairies or dwarves. These sprites, according to many legends, show up most vividly when nature seems to work on its bloom, in the early hours of the day, and mostly then in springtime. In curiosity about the fantastic scenes we observe we set up a hike in search for the wonders of nature. What we come to find in wandering around is astonishing in any case.





Buenas, hace muchísimo tiempo que no tenía noticias de este netlabel, de hecho lo último que añadí fue en abril del año pasado.


Con esta rel hasta última hora he estado indeciso esencialmente porque hay varios temas house quizás demasiado clásicos para el estilo del blog pero como la calidad de la producción y en general, su sonido, es tan bueno… no he querido dejarla de lado, además no sólo de minimal techno vive el hombre.


Hay varias joyas para los amantes del deep y el house atmosférico que os encantarán y no digo más :)


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It’s not entirely new anymore, but it sure still sounds fresh to our ears: The new sampler by the German Stadtgruen label. Titled “Sprite”, this release collects eight tracks, all around the seven minute mark and with a focus on intelligent and hypnotic arrangements. Firm label favourite Martin Donath (aka Kuomi, aka Punkteins) comes up with a flangeing old-school dream full of subtle hihats, metallic echoes and gentle undulations, while Swiss shooting stars Monzur take their mumbling electro bass both to aggressive and trance-like states. The focus for “Sprite” is summer and you can hear it. Even though all pieces are driven by steady, danceable beats, they remain openly interpretable – it’s up to you as a listener to decide whether you want to dance to this or just close your eyes and drift off. Georg Neufeld’s “Lakeside People” even feeds from an introductory field recording and warm house moods, while Martin Müller of Two_EM fame massages the mind with ambient vocalising. Highly recommended to everyone unafraid of combining resolute rhythms with soothing textures.


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