Siegmar Fricke


gruen019 | stadtgruen033

date: 26/01/2007

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8 tracks / 55:31 min / 76.33 MB


1. Vasomotoric Origin
06:50 min (09.04 MB)
2. Nephrocalc
04:55 min (06.76 MB)
3. Neuromechanik
06:25 min (08.81 MB)
4. Plantiflector
07:34 min (10.04 MB)
5. Conjunctival Dermoid
08:25 min (11.56 MB)
6. Astrocytomachine
08:47 min (12.08 MB)
7. Ofargo I Mortcele
06:04 min (08.34 MB)
8. Spinaltraum
06:31 min (08.96 MB)
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Aseptic Soundscapism


Total Sterility. A very cold place to be. No life, just space, room, whatever.


One's fear could be the challenged self-integration in such a perfect dark or perfect bright – depending upon one's view of the world – environment, which apparently would be a break in concept of this (un)desired brightness. You cannot interfere with a 'white' place, because this would be the redemption from its isolation. Colourful and vividly.


Besides we can say that nothing in the world is and will ever be complete; will ever equate the idea with which it is proclaimed. Nothing is idea because everything is matter, except ideas themselves. And for the fact of everything being matter, there is an important disruption in media, which slips a lot of flaws and defects into the idea of itself.


Perfection is not sustainable. Play with imperfection, utilize the imperfect particles of the physicalized idea, put them into 'the right order' and something new, something maybe even artful can be created.





Siegmar Fricke’s latest release on Stadtgruen is a fine offering of eight “pharmakustic” pieces, to use the concept forged by the musician to describe “reduced and syncopated rhythmic patterns clinically filtered ambiences generated by sampling-technology, electro-modulated voices and linear structure”, in which “automatic rhythm sequences are digitally dissected by bit-crushing and organic ambiences are constantly morphing by trembling waveforms and pitch-curves of complex effect periphery.” Another brilliant demonstration of that musical approach can be found on Pharmaceutik 06, Fricke’s previous release on Test Tube.


Digital minimalism is the keyword here, with titles that hint at some kind of man-machine hybridization, in the most clinical sense. The tracks on Metaprogramming bear similarities with electronic endeavours such as Monolake’s, with groups of repetitive, metallic rhythmic structures slowly evolving against an underlying harmonic tapestry. What makes Fricke’s music interesting and enjoyable is the tension it manages to build and maintain between opposites (coldness/warmth; darkness/light; living/dead; organic/mechanic…)


Metaprogramming is also beautiful because it bursts with a special energy, that at times reminded me of Morph’s (aka Damon Wild) Stormwatch, especially on track 6, “Astrocytomachine”, a personal favorite.


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