Nights in Ural


gruen014 | stadtgruen026

date: 07/01/2006

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8 tracks / 68:34 min / 94.33 MB


1. Florakon
07:31 min (10.35 MB)
2. Ice Below
09:11 min (12.63 MB)
3. Starve
08:29 min (11.67 MB)
4. Stalking
10:10 min (13.99 MB)
5. Nowaja
09:48 min (13.47 MB)
6. Vodka
08:32 min (11.74 MB)
7. 3rd of December
07:22 min (10.14 MB)
8. She Loves Me
07:31 min (10.34 MB)
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Among Reality and Sublimeness


Who is man? Answering this question is not possible, if it comes to objective assessments. Being as such is rather depending on personal experience and can never be captured in an objective sense. Though we are continuously finding new starting points which try to make an objective definition.


From here on everything written means to be true within the framework of my existence, but does not try to obtain objective verity at all. It’s my personal definition of man, of oneself.


I’m an array of social experiences. Every experience is based on a communicational link between subject and subject, or subject and object. Acquiring knowledge is what defines me as such. Acting through experience defines me for other subjects. This is my definition of man as such, of oneself.


I’m living in situations. I can experience every situation. The processing of these experiences can have a huge influence on thoughts or even initiate new actions, which can be perceived by other subjects again. In this way arise new cosmoses which affect each other.


However, I can also construct situations. Sometimes plain imagining and an emotional increase are sufficient to undergo these situations and in the end act through them. This album is the result of acting through an array of these constructed situations, wherethrough it is existentially depending upon those. The acting which expresses itself through acoustic waves is just another form of communication, whose strength is the emotion of experience.





die ambient-seite des dataman, auch wenn man ihn darauf nicht festnageln sollte. das fazit muss man nach den gut 68 minuten ziehen, da auch die beats nicht zu kurz kommen - wenn auch im tempo von 70-100 bpm. da herbeigezerrte interpretationen zu instrumentalmusik absolut nicht zu meinen stärken gehören und die funktionalität hier absolut nicht zur debatte steht, muss ich auch nicht weiter ausholen oder mit noch mehr füllwörtern arbeiten. garantiert kein easy listening für kopf und bauch, acid blitzt an einigen ecken und enden durch, und stadtgruen hat damit einen guten start ins neue jahr erwischt.


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