6 Rooms

Gate Zero


gruen013 | stadtgruen025

date: 27/11/2005

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6 tracks / 22:15 min / 30.63 MB


1. Cellar
05:56 min (08.17 MB)
2. Holodeck (Tropical Illusion)
05:04 min (06.98 MB)
3. Kitchen
05:05 min (07.00 MB)
4. Winter Garden
02:00 min (02.75 MB)
5. Living Room
03:21 min (04.61 MB)
6. Lounge
00:49 min (01.13 MB)


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Spatial Imagination


This EP by Gate Zero conducts us through six different rooms. But, what is the proper definition of a room? Asking Wikipedia, ’a room is an enclosed space in a house or other building. A room may have any number of doors and windows regulating light, airflow and access to the room. [...] Room also means needed space.’ Hmmm, lets go in depth and find out the official six descriptions.


Room 1: A cellar is a type of basement, primarily used for the storage of food and drink (especially wine) for use throughout the year. A cellar is intended to remain at a constant cool (not freezing) temperature all year round.


Room 2: In the Star Trek fictional universe, the holodeck is a virtual reality facility, generally on starships and starbases.


Room 3: A kitchen is a room used for food preparation. Although the main function of a kitchen is cooking, it can be the center of other activities as well. Sometimes, it is the most comforting room in a house, where family and visitors tend to congregate.


Room 4: A winter garden is a conservatory with flowers that blossom in the winter.


Room 5: Living room is a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities. In many homes, the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is reserved for more casual activities.


Room 6: The term lounge can refer to a public waiting area, provided with seating, as in a hotel or airport, ... or a bar area that provides live entertainment, usually free or for a minimum drink purchase, frequently located in a hotel or casino.


Well, it seems that words cannot fix all the different impressions and emotions we have when we think of real rooms. Mostly every day we use rooms for different purposes as described above. A room is always a room to do something within - per se it can't be useless. But we make our experiences with rooms and within rooms and in conjunction we bear certain emotions in remembrance. Some people are afraid of dark cellars which let others remember amorous tęte-a-tętes. A kitchen may be a warm place to take a good breakfast or to do the annoying dishes. And for some people a lounge is a relaxing area, other don't linger there, just catching some fragments of good old jazz music.


Gate Zero made his own experiences which he shares with us musically. It’s not an abstract approach rather than a very subjective interpretation. Where words fail music can open a next dimension.





Each of the six tracks on Gate Zero's 6 Rooms is intended to suggest a different space, among them a living room, a kitchen and an illusory locale on the Star Trek holodek. The experiment is an interesting idea, though no one would cry foul if all the tracks on 6 Rooms had simply been labeled "lounge." They all have a steady beat (one occasionally reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing"), a pricey-casual feel and a moody flavor. The standout, inevitably, is the one intended to serve as a cellar — inevitably because the close confines seem to have restricted Gate Zero's palette, and less is almost always more. The "cellar" track is less frilly, less lush than the album's other five. There's more space between the beats, space that allows the background sounds, light puffs of circulating white noise, to make themselves heard. In the album's liner notes we're reminded, "A cellar is intended to remain at a constant cool (not freezing) temperature all year round." And, true to form, the six-minute track is constantly cool. [...]


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