Frank Biedermann

Frank Biedermann


Hofheim, Germany

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Although Frank Biedermann is new to the netaudio scene, he already has been producing music at the time when tracks have been spread over bulletin boards in an 'Open-Source'-manner. It was Techno with its uncountable different types of substyles and varieties which he was interested in at the beginning of the 90s, and obviously, he still is. For him electronic music is music in its purest idiom.


Before all else the label 'Basic Channel' played a very important and influential role in his style-finding process. It took some time until he could draw a connection between Techno and Dub. From then on Frank has been trying to combine those two very pivotal poles which had and still have a big influence on electronic music.


Biedermann's tracks are pierced with endless dub delays and wide reverbs, clarifying and minimalistic chords, stomping and at the same time warming basslines, asskickin' percussions, clicky and well-tempered drums - everything arranged in a very fond and neat way! Guaranteed!



Releases & Participations


Frank Biedermann - Wookiee Woods [stadt004]

Frank Biedermann - Nanowar [stadt017]