Gate Zero / elektronischerGarten

Stefan Biermann


Meerbusch, Germany

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Born in 1980. Stefan Biermann is a music collector since he was 12 years old. He bought a lot of different styles of music, especially electronic music.


Sometimes he plays Drum'n'Bass in different clubs as a dj. Since 2004 he follows his dream to make own music. His style? Hard to say - but 'Gate Zero' his first solo project is a mix of "electronic mind music" like Ambient, Dub, Downbeat, minimalistic Jungle, Techhouse, Jazz and many more...


The future in his sound will be a mix of electronic effects, beats and spheres with some natural / accoustic instruments and some different collaborations.



Releases & Participations


Gate Zero - 6 Rooms [gruen013]

elektronischerGarten - Garten EP [gruen024]

Gate Zero - Green Planet [gruen026]



on other Netlabels


V/A - Crossways [thn070]



on Recordlabels


Gate Zero - Schwerelos [fax/ps08/108]

V/A - Down To Planet Earth [ac001]