Gonzalo Urtizberea


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Gonzalo Urtizberea, abbreviated with Gurtz, is the name of an artist, producer and dj who was born in 1978 in Resistencia, the capital of Chaco within Argentina. Towards the end of the 90s he got in touch with different methods of music production and learned a lot about composition, sound design and arrangement while he studied 'Musical Composition'. Gonzalo has been exploring the depths between Ambient, Minimal, IDM, House and electroacoustic music. Besides creating his own personal sound, he has been playing live at various events, always bringing his understanding of electronic dance music to the floor. In 2004, when he moved to Buenos Aires, Gonzalo entered the 'National University of Quilmes' to study 'Electroacoustic Composition'.


Gonzalo manages to combine versatile elements of different genres in a virtuous and self-evident manner. Micro sounds, glitches and interesting soundtextures are arranged in sophisticated and 'minimalicious' Techno tracks.


The music of Gurtz already landed several appearances on labels like 'Zensible Rec.', 'Unlock Rec.', 'Pluma Rec.' as well as on the netlabels 'Sinergy Networks' and 'Clevermusic'.



Releases & Participations


Gurtz - Casa De Verano [stadt010]



on other Netlabels


Gurtz + Zensible Beats Crew - Microsaurio [sn007]

V/A - Soft Then Hard LP [clever005]



on Recordlabels


V/A - Zensible Beats [zr003]