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René Finken


Erkelenz, Germany

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Born in 1985, sheltered and peaceful childhood in the beautiful town Erkelenz.


I've been interested in expressing myself ever since and started drawing, writing and playing the keyboard around the age of six. My particular interest for creating electronic music began in the year 2001, when I stumbled over the genuine program Buzz.


Starting just like the previous periods of childlike interest I had for arts, I slowly grew up into the lively internet music scene and finally reached a point, where I decided to expand music from a mere hobby to today's kind-of-profession - driven by the Rock 'n' Roll dream of fame and success, the heathen imagination of persistance in the afterworld and the artist complex of changing the world for the better by reason. Also, getting noticed as an artist might be a cool thing to start conversations with.


Most of my recent work centers loosely on processes and perception, analyzing the nature of technology and medial progress aswell as human patterns of behaviour.
I'm currently studying German, English and Philosophy at the University of Aachen and producing electronic music under various monikers such as Holz or Tha DiskonerdZ, the latter together with my fellow Lukas4004.



Releases & Participations


V/A - Janus [gruen007]

Renniac - Surround [gruen009]

V/A - Ennui [gruen012]

V/A - Sprite [stadt015]



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[aer001] V/A - Soundtrack For Your Wedding



on Recordlabels


Holz - Mein Block [strike62]

V/A - Musick 02 [strike51]

V/A - Musick 03 [strike52]