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Riga, Latvia

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'The basic tone of life remains the same, and in it there are some happy melodies and some sad melodies'
Sekito Kisen Zen Master


Andrew Eigus was born in Riga in 1973. He studied computer science in the Computer Science College. Though having no formal music education, he has been a member of a junior choir for several years. Andrew has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and started composing/improvising at a very young age. With the advent of new available technologies, Selffish dedicated more and more time to exploring all kinds of acoustic landscapes in a digital working environment.


He and Ivarx have their own Ambient/IDM/Lounge record label '+371 Records', where Selffish released his first cd album 'Blue Planet Chill' in 2002. He has also released two albums and several separate tracks in compilations and remixes on the german netlabel Thinner. Selffish is both a sound designer and a composer. He sings, plays the piano and the keyboard, records sounds in the countryside and composes ambient music from the obtained samples.


Selffish is a software engineer and a digital music producer rolled into the body of one human being. He composes laid-back melodies fused with idm/micro-chilled beats that create a unique ambient sound. Selffish obtains his samples from field recordings both in and outside the city of Riga, his sister's retro grand-piano and other acoustic instruments and human voice. This subtle mixture of computer-processed sounds with authentic instrumentation gives the feeling of both sadness and beauty to his work.


(Text from Selffish's website, photos by Sam Graf)



Releases & Participations


V/A - Janus [gruen007]



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Selffish - Ena LP / Enas Remixes [thn055]

V/A - I Like To Listen [thn050]

V/A - Silent Season Dub [thn039]

V/A - Thinnerism 02 [thn010]



on Recordlabels


Selffish - Blue Planet Chill [p371cd001]