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Danny Kreutzfeldt


Aarhus, Denmark

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In this big and versatile universe we are only dust particles, stardust, believing in our own greatness, neglecting our way towards certain death. Maybe we should think about our mistaken sublimeness and realize that we will end, as individuals and as a mass.


Kreutzfeldts are wide open spaces, moving atmospheres, abysmal craters, frosting glaciers, cold winds and deeper that everything you have ever known before.



Releases & Participations


V/A - Janus [gruen007]

sgnl_fltr - Atrum [gruen015]

sgnl_fltr - Iktus [stadt019]



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Danny Kreutzfeldt - Furtherspace EP [apl003]

Danny Kreutzfeldt - Noiseworks 1 [mm005]

Danny Kreutzfeldt - Protolith EP [thn016]

Danny Kreutzfeldt - ReCore Remixes [thn024]

Sectorchestra - Fault 'n'Roll EP [thn046]

V/A - Silent Season Dub [thn039]



on Recordlabels


Danny Kreutzfeldt - Counterperipheral [db007]

Sgnl_Fltr - Vebra [db010]